Summer Recreation

At Huntsman Springs, the monumental rocks sheltering Idaho’s Teton Valley set the tone of the region. Considering the natural splendor of this inspiring range and surrounding area, outdoor pursuits are a hot commodity—regardless of what the thermostat reads. When the sun shines across the valley, let Huntsman Springs concierge help plan these activities and more:

  • Explore the Snake River with whitewater rafting or casual floating
  • Grab a bike or venture out on foot to trek the many trails found in the region
  • Saddle up on a guided horseback ride
  • Take in the sights on a Yellowstone or Teton National Park excursion

2018 Swimming Lessons at Huntsman Springs



Fitness Schedule at The Wellness Center at Huntsman Springs


7am – 8am    Master Swim Class  || Kayla

 (Begins May 21st)

8am            Pilates || Ali


  9am            Yoga Level 1 || Angela           6-7pm         Golfit  ||   Ali


7am – 8am    Master Swim Class  || Kayla

(Begins May 21st)

All Day Huntsman Springs “Wednesday Workout” || Each week, a workout plan will be posted on the chalkboard in the gym. We will be available during business hours to answer any questions you may have. You can also book a 30 or 60 minute session with a personal trainer to take you through this workout.


7am – 8am    Master Swim Class  || Kayla

(Begins May 21st)

9am           Yoga level 1 & 2 || Angela


2018 Summer Hiking Schedule

Stay Tuned For More Information

  Please call the Wellness Center at 208.354.7722 for more information.