Become Player of the Year 2017 at Huntsman Springs

Earn Points to become Pierre’s Player of the Year 2017

We are excited to announce a new contest at Huntsman Springs — Player of the Year for 2017. The Player of the Year will be determined by a points system based on participation and performance from select events. Along with being named Pierre’s Player of the Year, the winner will receive the following wonderful bonuses!

Pierre’s Player of the Year will receive:
• Membership dues waived for the following year
10 complimentary golf guest passes (with no expiration date)
• Reserved parking spot for one year
Automatic bid to play in a Pro-Am of your choice

We have worked thru the points system to offer a fair opportunity to both men and women to be named as the Player of the Year. Below is the points breakdown for the events:

Saturday Game
Participation = 1 point
1st place 3 points2nd place = 2 points3rd place =1 point

Ladies Days
Participation = 2 points

4th of July – Flag Event
Participation = 15 points
1st = 5 points2nd = 4 points; 3rd = 3 points; 4th = 2 points5th = 1 point

The Challenge
Participation = 15 points
1st = 5 points2nd = 3 points

Total Solar Eclipse Golf Event
Participation = 15 points
1st 5 points; 2nd = 3 points

The Battle at Huntsman (Club Championship)
Participation 15 points
1st = 5 points; 2nd = 3 points (points are equal for Gross and Net Divisions)

Shootout Men’s Member/Guest
Participation = 15 points
Flight Winner = 5 points2nd = 3 points
Overall Winner 5 points

Ladies Grand Invitational
Participation = 15 points
Gross Winner 10 points
Net Winner = 5 points
Games Winner = 5 points

Showdown Ladies Member/Guest
Participation = 10 points
Low Eclectic = 5 points
Overall Winner = 5 points

Points will be updated every week. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, a tie breaker will be held to determine the Player of the Year.

Please email me at for any further questions.

Paul-David Milton
Director of Golf