Huntsman Springs Golf Club Promo

Buy a Box for the Chance to Win the Hottest Driver on the Market!!

We are offering our members a great opportunity to WIN the New Callaway EPIC Driver!!! Think of this contest as a raffle or like buying a box during the Superbowl.

Here’s how it works:
• 30 boxes on a grid will be for sale in the golf shop.
• Each box costs $50 and comes with your choice of a Huntsman Springs hat and your choice of a Chrome Soft or TP5 sleeve of balls.
• Purchase a box by visiting or calling the golf shop or by emailing me at

The grid will be in the shop and updated daily. Each box will be numbered 1 thru 30, so for those who need to call or email, just pick a number and if it is available, we will sell you that box.

The drawing will be held on June 1st, or once all boxes have sold.*

To those who have previously purchased an Epic driver or an M1 from us, but still want to participate, you can still win. If you win, we will credit the value of your purchase back to your account.


Paul-David Milton
Director of Golf

*The promotion will require 15 boxes to be sold in order to hold a drawing.