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  Starting at $799 per night. Call 208.354.9660 for current rates.
3570 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms 2 Car Garage  Add to Favorites Print

480 Cottongrass Road

Overlooking the David McLay Kidd-designed golf course’s 7th and 8th fairway, this property is a golfer’s dream getaway. This home is also close to a nearby pond and soaks in the nearby Big Hole Mountain views. Featuring expansive rooms with towering ceilings, the professional grade gourmet kitchen is a highlight with not only a pantry but space to get creative and invites entertainers and the entertained alike. In-house catering services are also available within Huntsman Springs. Sip wine on the natural stone patio while watching the sunset over the award-winning golf course and Big Hole Mountains to the west. For a quiet retreat, the spacious bedrooms and loft living space offer a relaxing abode for any vacationer.  For more information contact the Director of Lodging and Hospitality, John Pehrson .  208.354.9660 ext. 14

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