One Up Challenge

Starting January 13th through February 10th the person with the most points wins 2 personal training sessions! There are several ways to earn points.

  • 10 points for every session with a personal trainer
  • 10 points per inch lost to the person with the most inches lost. These will be given out after February 10th when we receive all results.
  • 5 points for weighing in and measurements. We can tell you how to do this or we can do it for you. We’ll need your results on or before Jan 13th
  • 1 points for every 45min or more workout. This can be at the Wellness Center, your home or your local gym. Just email us or check in every time son we can log it for you.
  • 1 point for every day without sugar. Read your labels!! The best way for you to achieve this is to cook at home. No packaged food. You can have limited fruit, 1 piece of fruit or a half cup of berries.
  • 1 point for every fitness class attended. This can be any fitness class anywhere.
  • 1 point for every post or hash tag on social media mentioning Huntsman Springs. #HuntsmanSprings #Oneupchallenge #SagefitBrookNelson

We will keep track of all your points has you earn them. Just stop by the Wellness Center or email us at wellness@huntsmansprings.com and we’ll enter them in for you. We will keep all your information private. We will only publicly post points at the Wellness Center. As usual we rely on the honor system besides, your inches won’t lie.


Most importantly, Have fun!!