The Challenge Golf Tournament at Huntsman Springs in Driggs, Idaho Near Jackson Hole Wyoming

Join the fun! Send your creative ideas and help make THE CHALLENGE Golf Tournament the best yet!


The Challenge is my favorite event of the year because it requires us to push our creative limits to build an event like no other. Every year we challengeourselves to create something new to inspire as much laughter on a golf course as humanly possible.

I think it is time for all of you to join us in this creative process!  

SEND ME YOUR IDEAS—no matter how far-fetched they may be—for any of our amazing golf holes. The best idea will be used in this year’s Challenge and that hole will be named after you! We will also give away prizes for the best idea.

As a reference for those who have not played in the event, below is a list of each hole’s challenge:

  1. Long Tom and Short Tommy ~ Tee Off with a 60″ 4 Wood and a junior driver from IV Tees
  2. It Takes Two To Tango ~ A two person putter awaits on the green!
  3. Wacky Cushman Putter (named after it’s creator) ~ A putter so complex we can’t describe it in words awaits on the green.
  4. Railway Tracks ~ Alignment sticks are positioned on the green that makes reading the putt a little more complicated.
  5. Speed Golf ~ This par 3 will be timed, rewarding the fast time and penalizing the slow golfer.
  6. Splish-Splash ~ A kiddie pool on the tee box will determine where you get to tee off with a difficult pin location.
  7. Lucky #7 ~ Each player must only use their 7 iron for the entire hole (including putting).
  8. Bouncy Ball ~ This par 3 must be played using a bouncy ball only!
  9. Golf Pong ~ 6 trash cans that look like Red Solo cups are placed on the tee box. Hit into one and receive a bonus for that hole.
  10. Grip It and Keep on Rippin’ it ~ You are allowed to tee it throughout the hole. An interesting test awaits on the green.
  11. Miss The Green ~ The pin location is in the bunker!
  12. Choose Wisely ~ There are 3 pins on the green.
  13. Bunker Be Good ~ If a tee shot rests in one of the bunkers, then move to the designated spot on the green without adding any strokes.
  14. Tee-Ball Golf ~ Tee normally and then tee off with a baseball bat in the middle of the fairway and take the best drive!
  15. Royal Blockade (pictured above) ~ All objects on and around the green are immovable obstructions.  Good Luck!
  16. Big Cup o’ Lil’ Cup ~ The green has two size cups and either the left of right fairway determine which one you play to.
  17. Mini Cup Challenge ~ 3 mini cups on the green.
  18. Oh Crap!!! ~ The iconic toilet bowl tee shot.

The Challenge || July 8th
Send me your ideas soon as we go through a very fun, but serious testing process 😉

Registration Fee
$50/member || $100/guest
Members are allowed to bring as many guests as they want and teams can be made up of any combination of members and/or guests.

Food and Beverage will not be included in the registration fee, but will be offered. Also, the golf course is closed to only this event, so sign up before it’s too late!

To sign up for the group brainstorm session on May 19th, please email me at

Paul-David Milton
Director of Golf